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A visit from the Mayor!

A visit from the Mayor! 1

Our School Council

Our School Council  1
The Great Dalby School Council


School Council Mission Statement:

Dedication to achieve goals together and spread happiness.


We have a very active School Council at Great Dalby.  We have 2 School Councillors from each class and Class 1 are represented by 2 children from Year 5 or 6.

Our school council meet once a week to discuss any upcoming events and to feedback from any class discussions.

The children organise fundraising events, lead assemblies and contribute to whole school initiatives.


Our School Councillors for 2016/17 are ...

Class 1: Alistair W, Lexi B

Class 2: Isabelle C, Harriet M

Class 3: Jasmine E, Ben N

Class 4: James D, Imogen j

Class 5 : Mia D, Hannah R