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Our Foundation Stage class is something we are really proud of at Great Dalby Primary School.

Mrs Marshall is our Foundation Stage teacher. Mrs Boylan and Mrs Ward are the teaching assistants in the classroom. We are also very lucky because lots of volunteers want to help us, including our chair of governors and a parent helper who bakes with us every second Wednesday!

Our Classroom is zoned into different themed areas to support independent learning. We have a role-play area, snack zone, creative and messy area (this includes opportunities for the children to cut, stick, paint, draw, build ...) a malleable area, sand and water, a writing station, computer access, small world, construction, a comfy book corner with listening centre, outdoors and maths table. There is also a 'working table' where we can support adult led learning.

We use the children's ideas to help us plan our topics and always react to events within our school community and the news to ensure the children have a broad and balanced learning experience.

We are always observing the children to gain evidence for assessments. We use individual learning journey scrapbooks and a piece of software on our class I Pad to keep everything safe for the children and parents to look at. We invite our parents in regularly to 'have a look' at their child's learning journeys; this also gives us the opportunity to add evidence from home.

2016/17 is an exciting year for our Foundation Stage, we are continuing to enhance our outdoor learning area with help from the Friends of Great Dalby and are planning to introduce a specfic Early Years news letter to ensure our communication between school and home is second to none!

Here's to an exciting new year!
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