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Hello everybody,

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas holiday and had plenty of fun and relaxation.

I'm looking forward to the Spring Term and with that in mind have a look below for the overview of our theme. Although Y6 will begin the build-up to the end of KS2 tests in May, there are still plenty of exciting learning opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Once we are underway I will add some information about Homework for both Y5 & Y6. 

See you all, bright and breezy on Tuesday morning!


Mrs Pillar







Networking 1
Networking 2
Networking 3
Networking 4
Networking 5
Networking 6
Networking 7
Networking 8
Networking 9
Networking 10

Seeking Inspiration in the Natural World

Victorian Fun and Games

Maths Problem-solving

Hat Parade